Jewelry Repair in Staten Island

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Jewelry Repair in Staten Island

Staten Island is home to a number of jewelry stores. Whether you bought your jewelry in these stores or not, when something is damaged, you need to know where to go. In most cases, the jewelry stores are unable to help you. They just sell the jewelry. They don’t have the tools or the skill to provide repairs. Luckily, you have found us. We have a full range of services to handle every repair you could imagine. Jewelry repair in Staten Island just got a lot easier.

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Ask About Jewelry Repair in Staten Island

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You don’t need to ask about jewelry repair in Staten Island at every place you go. This can be a time consuming task because you will keep hearing the same response all over town: “We don’t offer that repair.” Too many places only handle one or two repairs. But what happens when you need an extensive repair, like having your pearl necklace restrung?

We offer the jewelry repair in Staten Island that you really need. From laser soldering to prong shaping and ring resizing, there isn’t a jewelry repair service that we don’t offer. We handle engraving, stone replacement, jewelry mounting and everything else imaginable. This provides you with the repairs you need to be able to wear all of your favorite jewelry once again.

When there is a damaged piece of jewelry in your possession, ask us about how to repair it. We will go over each and every step with you so you know how your jewelry will be handled. We may have to solder the chain, replace the clasp and even make some other repairs along the way. If it’s a vintage piece of jewelry, we may even be able to make a clasp or other piece by hand so that the age of the jewelry isn’t affected by something too modern.

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Learn About Pricing for Jewelry Repair in Staten Island

Before you hand over your jewelry for repair in Staten Island, learn about the pricing. There are some places in town that are very expensive. Much of this has to do with experience. When a place is inexperienced, they charge by the hour to ensure they are making enough money to do the repairs. Ultimately what this means is that you’re paying more money for jewelry repair because of someone else’s inexperience.

We believe that jewelry repair in Staten Island should be affordable. We have a lot of skill and a lot of specialized tools, which can help to speed up the repairs. This helps us to keep our prices affordable so you don’t have to pick and choose what jewelry you need repaired – you can bring it all into us and let us show you how well we can fix it all.

You don’t have to wonder about the costs of jewelry repair, either. When you call us or bring your jewelry in, we will be able to provide you with a complete quote. This will tell you exactly how much it will cost for your jewelry to be repaired. You can choose to have us repair the jewelry immediately or you can shop around town for a better price. We are confident in our services and our pricing, so we don’t mind if you look around. When you want the repairs done right, we will be waiting for your call.

Don’t bring your jewelry to just anywhere in Staten Island. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.